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Privacy Policy

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On Management of Personal Information

Wellthy does its utmost to manage customer(s)' personal information carefully and appropriately so that they can purchase our products or use our services safely.

In order to promote this, Wellthy proclaims that it observes the Act concerning Protection of Personal Information (Japan Law No. 57, 2003) and other relating laws.

Likewise, Wellthy discloses its privacy policy and utilization purpose of personal information that are grounded on those laws above.

Privacy Policy

  1. 1. Wellthy shall observe laws on appropriate management of customer(s)' personal information, guidelines of each government agency and other relating standards.
  2. 2. In attaining customer(s)' personal information, Wellthy shall clarify and disclose the utilization purpose.
  3. 3. Wellthy shall use customer(s)' personal information which it has lawfully and appropriately attained to the extent necessary to reach utilization purpose.
  4. 4. Wellthy shall appropriately manage sensitive information.
  5. 5. Wellthy shall not provide customer(s)' personal information to the third party without assent, except cases that are pursuant to legal requests.
  6. 6. Wellthy shall appropriately respond to customer(s)' request on disclosure or correction of personal information.
  7. 7. Wellthy shall rigidly manage customer(s)' personal information. To prevent from leakage, loss and damage, we continuously review and improve the measures.

On Utilization Purpose of Personal Information

Wellthy shall use customer(s)' personal information in services and purposes below:

  1. 1. Business
    1. 1) Groundwater business/ Groundwater Membrane Filtration System.
    2. 2) Maintenance service etc.
    3. 3) Other business prescribed by the articles of incorporation.
  2. 2. Utilization Purposes
    Following are the items that are required to carry out the services above:
    1. 1) To provide customer(s) with products and services.
    2. 2) To verify identification and qualifications based on laws etc.
    3. 3) To keep date and execute other requirements for continual business.
    4. 4) To exercise rights and execute duties resting on laws and contracts with customer(s).
    5. 5) To ask for cooperation to our market research, data analysis for the development of new products and questionnaires investigation.
    6. 6) To deliver information on products and services by advertising letters and phone.
    7. 7) To explain and answer the questions from customer(s).
    8. 8) To deal with customer(s) appropriately and smoothly.

On Protection of Personal Information on Linked Pages

Wellthy shall not take responsibility with regard to protection of personal information of other companies linked on Wellthy's website. As for that, please follow privacy policy in each website.

Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting this website. Please read the Terms of Use below and agree to them before using or browsing this website.

Purpose of this Page

This page, "Terms of Use," is to state basic terms in regard to operating this website by WELLTHY CORPORATION ("Wellthy") or its agent(s) and offering its services.


This article is valid only in the website.

Privacy Policy

Wellthy recognizes the importance of personal information, and thus protect it with care. Wellthy complies with Personal Information Protection Law and promises to follow the privacy policy.

Copyrights/ Intellectual Property Rights

Copyrights and intellectual property rights of the texts and graphics in each content on this website belong to Wellthy and/or the third party concerned. It is strictly prohibited to copy, process, use for other purposes, hand out, and sell the contents on this website without any permission.


  1. 1. Wellthy shall make effort to insert the latest and the accurate information on the website. However, Wellthy shall provide no guarantees on completeness, accuracy, or properness of the information. Although the contents of this website are based on the latest information, they are subject to change without a previous notice. Wellthy shall not be liable for any result incurred from the changes.
  2. 2. This website contains information on Wellthy's products and services. When using the information, please contact Wellthy for the condition of use.
  3. 3. Wellthy shall not be liable for damage incurred due to the fact that customer(s) could/ could not access to the website or believed the contents.
  4. 4. Wellthy shall take no responsibility about the contents on the third parties' websites linked to or from this website. When using or browsing the third parties' website, please follow the terms of use in each website.
  5. 5. Wellthy shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred from delay, suspension or discontinuance of the website.
  6. 6. Please acknowledge that the contents on this website may be changed or discontinued without a previous notice.
  7. 7. Customer(s) who violate these Terms of Use might be advanced a legal claim for damages.

About Links

Please be aware of the following when linking to this website. Websites aimed for profit making and those that offend public order and morals are refused to link to this website.

  1. 1. Please set the link to top page of the website (
  2. 2. When linking a page, please use our company name WELLTHY CORPORATION.
  3. 3. Wellthy shall provide no guarantee on the contents of the websites linked to this website. Also, it does not mean that Wellthy and companies that operate the linked website are in a special business relationship, nor do we recommend products/ services of the companies. When using or browsing the website(s) linked to this website, please follow the terms of use and the privacy policy in each website.
  4. 4. If you wish to create a new link to this website, please get accepted by Wellthy from the Inquiry page. However, the following links are strictly refused: - Links from website(s) that discredit or slander Wellthy and its products/ services. - Links from website(s) that offend public order and morals. - Links from website(s) that includes illegal contents or that have/ might have participated in illegal activities. - Links that use frame and other sorts to make the contents of this website uncertain.


The validity, interpretation and implementation of the Terms of Use shall be governed by Japanese laws. All disputes related to the Terms of Use shall be resolved through consultation among the involved parties, or in case of lawsuit they shall be brought to the Tokyo District Court, Japan.

Information Security Policy

Wellthy will state its information security policy as follows. The purpose of stating the policy is to gain customers' / clients' credibility and to contribute to the company's sustainability by ensuring the security and management of any information Wellthy has at the high level.

  1. 1. Wellthy will follow regulations and norms and show a code of conduct regarding handling of information.
  2. 2. Wellthy will establish a information management system to manage the information asset appropriately.
  3. 3. Wellthy will take necessary measures regarding the information and IT assets and will promote smooth operation of the whole network and sustainability of security.
  4. 4. Wellthy will take necessary measures immediately if there is a problem in the information security.
  5. 5. Wellthy will continue to review the items above for better improvement.

Stated on Aug. 5th 2013.