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Our Management

Hiroaki Todoriki

Managing Director

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We always keep it in mind to contribute to improvement of the global environment through our business.

“Solving social challenges equals to our growth strategy, by improvement of water & environment in Myanmar.”

MW Aqua Solutions (MWAS) is a joint venture that has been established by the joint investment from Wellthy Corporation in Japan and MWEP (Myanmar Water Engineering & Products) in Myanmar. As the first office of a group company of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation in Myanmar, we gather both companies’ technologies, know-hows and human resources to this joint venture.

In Myanmar, which maintains rapid economic growth, it has become an urgent issue even in the megalopolis Yangon to resolve problems related to water supply and sewerage systems, including their management systems, such as a low rate of waterworks penetration and aging water facilities. Meanwhile, it is also required to adopt advanced technology for purifying drinking water, including water quality analysis, due to such factors as highly turbid river water stemming from a longer rainy season than before, apparently affected by climate change, and the spread of seawater to upstream areas (river water salination) caused by a longer dry season.

In this context, MW Aqua Solutions will promote a solution-oriented business that integrates engineering and water quality analysis, and the business scopes are (1)EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) of water treatment system, (2)water quality analysis, (3) environmental study & consultation.

I strongly believe that MW Aqua Solutions, as the “One-stop Service” provider, will lead to the sustainable development by solving various issues in the water and environmental fields in Myanmar. It’s just a small step forward that this joint venture has made, but I expect that its business expansion will increase the market presence of this company. Thank you so much for your continued support to MW Aqua Solutions, and hope to work with us soon.

Managing Director, Hiroaki Todoriki
MW Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd.