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MWAS will be an exhibitor at Myan Water

MWAS will be an exhibitor at Myan Water 17 which is an international water and wastewater technology show at MEP Mindama, Yangon from 23 to 25 November 2017.

MWEP and MWAS donated

MWEP and MWAS donated the chlorine dosing system (estimated value of 7000USD) to Yangon General Hospital.

MWAS Grand Opening Ceremony

There will be our MWAS Grand Opening Ceremony at Sedona Hotel with our honorable guests and respective government authorities.
There will be held a Technical Cooperation Signing Ceremony between MWEP, MWAS, Wellthy, IESH, CreTECH, IET which are the bodies of water & wastewater engineering in Myanmar, Japan and Vietnam.